An Establishment Where Fish is King:

Chez Laurent specialises in only the best fish and seafood products, all selected according to our rigorous criteria of freshness and quality. Supplying yachts, private homes and individual clients along the French Riviera and worldwide.

More than just a profession, a philosophy: Here at Chez Laurent, our fish come from responsible and sustainable sources , guaranteed wild and fished by small traditional day boats. All our products are subject to strict quality control and 'Boat to Plate' tracebility.

With knowledge passed down from his father as well as our professionalism, dedication and customer service, Chez Laurent is the choice of excellence, with a selection of rare and exceptional products sold exclusively in the region, such as live Norwegian King Crabs, caviar etc.

State of the Art Laboratory:

With our 400m2 boutique and cutting edge laboratory, conforming to HACCP and EU Accredited, Chez Laurent offers a bespoke hand filleting and packaging service.
Our laboratory allows us to control each step of our product's transformation, with refrigerated zones dedicated to each phase of the process, from cleaning, to filleting, vacuum packing, smoking and curing and well as the ability to flash freeze, Chez Laurent guarantees impeccable quality for the most demanding of customers.