Smoked Salmon and Gravadlax

Smoking salmon is an art which Chez Laurent has mastered, achieving the perfect balance between salt and smoke complimenting the rich buttery flavour of the salmon which melts in your mouth.

We also home cure Gravadlax perfecting the delicate flavour of salmon, dill, sugar and salt – don't forget to order our home made dill mustard to accompany it.

Both our home smoked salmon and Gravadlax are available in Scottish Red Label, Organic or Wild Salmon. Chose between hand cut slices, sides (whole or pre-sliced) and of course the choicest part - the Heart of the Salmon, also known as the Tsar's cut.

Also available on order – hot smoked smoked salmon.

Other Smoked Fish

Chez Laurent doesn't just stop at smoking salmon, we provide a wide range of smoked fish, including Marlin, Haddock, Halibut, Swordfish etc.
Be sure to try our home smoked Eel and Mackerel, both of which are truly excellent.